Terry Tribute

The Terry Chipperfield Tribute Concert

Dorchester Village Hall 7th and 8th June 2013

Terry-posterWhat makes more than 30 people come together to celebrate the work and enthusiasm of one man.?  Well the style, effort and service of Terry Chipperfield to drama and music in Dorchester and the villages around it is what it requires.

John Howell MP, and Geoff Russell led this celebration over two nights with the life and times of a man who led DADS through 30 years of performance  in a huge range of shows and plays.  There were songs from  six musicals to entertain and amaze a receptive audience and provide a level of nostalgia you could nearly cut with a knife.

Oklahoma! South Pacific, and Showboat were all plundered for rousing numbers, played by Russell Leigh.  As John and Geoff pointed out these shows had been performed more than once by DADS, and Terry was involved in every one of them.  In deed he was involved in every one of DADS shows for all of its existence to date.

Martin Peters was greeted very warmly for returning to Dorchester and performing “Oh what a beautiful morning” so well and combining with Sarah Gladwin to offer “People will say we’re in love”

The show was opened by the Wittenham Singers, and the second half opened by Two-a –Part.  These are both choral  organisations graced with Terry’s membership.  Tim Cook recounted how Terry had graduated from tenor to baritone and so far had proved irreplaceable.

Rosemary Mills is to be congratulated for masterminding the whole event, and Angie Paterson for its Musical direction.  Not only the singing but the displays of photographs of many of the shows were remarkable.

Many of the singers had acted and sung in the shows featured in the event with some of the individuals revisiting their own songs .  In the second half Showboat featured  in some length and included Mark Wilkin’s renewal of the role of Captain Andy.  The singers closed the show with a really old favourite piece from “Pirates of Penzance”  When the foeman bares his steel.

However the surprise end was a moving speech by Terry’s daughter  Jo on what it was like to observe the service of her father to his family and to  all the groups that came together to honour him.

We may not see again one of his like.


Terry Tribute Concert - Chorus


The Terry Tribute Concert


Director: Rosemary Mills

Musical Director : Angie Paterson

Pianist : Russell Leigh

Producer : Michael Herbert

Set Design : Adrian Brooks

Lighting : Simon Ratliff

Cast List


Soloists :

Alison Brucker    John Cornelius    Johnny Cornelius    Barry Gibney

Sarah Gladwin    Martin Peters    Mark Wilkin    Rachel Winslet

Chorus :

Jane Brooks    Penny Budgen    Lisbet Clements    Peter Collins

Tim Cook    Maxine Ford    Lucie Hall    Michael Herbert    Mark Johnson

Katie Jeffery    Rosemary Mills    Angie Paterson    Elaine Wilkin    Ann Winslet

7th & 8th June 2013

Musical Introduction   Russell Leigh

Introduction to Concert

Comperes  Geoff  Russell and John Howell

 Wittenham Singers

Yarmouth Fair (Peter Warlock, arranged C. Armstrong Gibbs)

Come Again! Sweet Love Doth Now Invite (John Dowland)



Oklahoma Chorus

Oh what a beautiful morning    –    Martin Peters

People will say we’re in love (duet)    –    Sarah Gladwin and Martin Peters

Encore – Oklahoma!    –    Chorus

 South Pacific

Opening Chorus

I‘m gonna wash that man right out of my hair    –    Girls chorus

There is nothing like a dame    –    Boys chorus

Finale Ultimo    –    Chorus

 Memories of Terry in DADS    –    Geoff and John

 High Society:

Well, did you evah    –    John and Johnnie Cornelius

 Kiss me Kate

Wunderbar    –    Chorus


Two a Part

The Policeman’s Lot(Gilbert & Sullivan, arranged Peter Gritton)

Christopher Robin is saying his prayers (AA Milne & H Fraser-Simson, arranged Andrew Carter)


Calamity Jane

Black Hills of Dakota    –    Chorus

Finale    –    Chorus


Captain Andy’s music    –    Russell Leigh

Captain Andy’s Show    –    Mark Wilkin

Make believe    –    Barry Gibney and Sarah Gladwin

Ol’ man river    –    John Cornelius and Chorus

Can’t help lovin dat man    –    Rachel Winslet and Chorus

After the ball    –    Sarah Gladwin and Chorus

 Pirates of Penzance

When the foeman bares his steel    –    Chorus


All profits will be donated to the Nasio Trust

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